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USA TODAY 5 days ago Jefferson Graham Replay Video SD LO Remember "Think Different?" or those "Mac vs. PC" ads featuring a stodgy gent from another era and the ultra-hip Mac dude? Quotes in the article -0.26% Fast forward a few years, and now, thanks to the Surface all-in-one notebook/laptop and a Windows operating system that's not buggy, Microsoft is looking like the cool kid, while Apple has turned into the stale, old company. That, at least, is the opinion of Matt Krantz, the long-time USA TODAY Markets columnist, who recently left for a new gig at a Los Angeles money management firm this week. Krantz and I sat together for one final #TalkingTech podcast to talk about the dramatic shift in perception for Microsoft. Click the link below to listen. Microsoft Microsoft Surface Pro 4 What happened to Apple? Chalk it up to the death of co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011. "He was an amazing person who could sell ice water to eskimos," says Krantz. "Without him, Apple is just a hardware company. You've seen the innovation slowly chip away." Since Jobs died, only one major new product has been released, the 2015 Apple Watch, along with upgrades to already popular products like the iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computer. "Microsoft got forced to innovate," Krantz says.

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If you are going to build your own home, solar energy is perfect for you. During the cold winter months, any windows that face south are capable of harnessing heat from sunlight. This will also block summer sun to lower cooling bills during the summer.

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